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My yoga sessions are carefully crafted to lead you through a vinyasa flow that brings balance, strength, flexibility, and mindfulness to your practice on and off the mat. With focus on the breath, alignment, energy, and safe transitions, I guide students toward physical and mental openness and an improved state of Self-awareness.


My yoga sessions encourage the discovery and cultivation of your muscular power as well as the tools within you so that you are equipped to find light and life in the world around you.

- Evaluating a client's Yoga experience, fitness level, goals and roadblocks -

- Developing and delivering a personal yoga sequence that is appropriate and effective for the client per session -

- Offering tools to manage stress, increase flexibility, build strength, and prevent injury -


- Working with the client to tap his/her innate wisdom and brighten Self awareness -


- Incorporating pranayama, philosophy and Yogic concepts -

- Yoga Options: Vinyasa, pre/post natal, gentle flow/restorative, beginner basics -

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