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Personal Training

So much of how you live and how you think depends on how you feel.  If you feel healthy and good, then the way you perceive and project energy will reflect that.


In my training sessions, I aim to simultaneously develop physical results AND positive life energy. As we work towards your physical goals, we will also tackle mental and energetic blocks along the way and push to find a sustainable overall healthy way of living and thinking. I want you to look and feel the best you can!


- Evaluating a client's fitness level, goals, and training preferences -


- Developing a personal workout plan that is appropriate and efficient for the client -


- Offering guidance in functional training, hypertrophy, weight loss, pre/post natal training, HIIT, stabilization and core conditioning, depending on client’s interests and needs -


- Scheduling consistent sessions to keep a client on track -


- Monthly re-evaluations of goals and progress -


- TRX, Axel, functional training, hypertrophy, stabilization & core training, weight loss, pre/post natal, HIIT, boxing, yoga, dance -

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